Wine Pick of the Month

Updated: Feb 5, 2021


Bright, fruity personality envelops the senses in the glass with fresh raspberry and fruit cocktail aromas. The toasty palate mixes strawberry jam and red currant to deliver a pleasant mouth feel, wrapped up in a slow, light, sweet finish.

The late harvested Garnacha grape, also known as Grenache in France, collects sun and warmth a month longer than most cava grapes, proffering abilities to build higher levels of sugars, translating to higher alcohol content. At harvest, the grapes are processed separately, then transferred to stainless steel tanks. After 10 to 12 days of interaction with the yeasts in perfect 59 to 63 degree atmosphere of the caves, the wines are racked, fined, filtered, and prepared for blending in traditional méthode champenoise, heralding the second fermentation.

Alcohol by volume: 12%

pH: 2.95

Aging: Up to 18 months