Wine Serving Tips for Summer

Be sure to chill the wine to your satisfaction.

Rosé or Pinot Noir are the reds to look for. They are the lightest red wines, delicate, refreshing. Rosé is best served ice cold, and it is a hot item these days. You’ll find some very classy Rosés coming from California wineries and featured in The California Wine Club’s wine club shipments.

Get an easy cool down from Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Viognier. These friendly whites are unoaked, with a delicate mouthfeel and pleasing fruit flavors. They are terrific quaffers (no food required).

Be aware of your texture preferences with Chardonnay. Ah, Chardonnay, you diva of differences — there are so many styles around these days, it’s hard to know what you’ll get when you pop the cork. For a Chardonnay to beat the heat, we choose an unoaked Chard without the heavy, buttery texture of malolactic fermentation. It’s simple and effective way to beat the heat, and great with a crunchy salad or seafood.

Sparklers to the rescue. Chill them well. A good sparkler will reward you with tiny bubbles zipping to the top of your glass, delightful fizziness and icy, lovely fruit flavors. Remember, methode champenoise is your artisan choice.

Sip, sit back and let the heat pass you by with cool wines for summer.